Tons of News! (Movie 17, Super Smash Bros., Ken Sugimori Art Book)

Trying to catch up on the news that was available a few days back, but my busy schedule hindered my time quite a bit…

A few days ago, TPCi had released the official trailer for the 17th movie: “Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.” A few changes that have been made from the Japanese version included the changing of the name Dialand and the diamond. Dialand will be known as Diamond Domain and the diamond will be known as the Heart Diamond.

You can watch the trailer at the bottom of this post.

Nintendo Direct had premiered two days ago and focused on showcasing the game “Super Smash Bros.” This is a succeeding game to the popular Wii game “Super Smash Bros. Brawl.” Players will be able to choose to play from three individual Pokemon: Charizard, Greninja, and Lucario.

Both Charizard and Lucario have the ability to mega evolve into Mega Charizard X and Mega Lucario respectively. It was also announced that Lucario will be much more powerful than it was in SSBB, and to be able to mega evolve, Lucario and Charizard will need to be able to capture the Smash Ball.

Greninja knows the following moves: Water Shuriken, Substitute, and Tongue Attack (not an official name, but decided to go with that since it uses its tongue to attack. :P)

In addition to those three Pokemon, the Master Ball will be available as a usable item and will house rare and legendary Pokemon, while the Pokeball will provide the following: Arceus, Electrode, Entei, Fennekin, Gogoat, Keldeo, Kyurem, Meloetta, Meowth, Victini, and Xerneas.

The Japanese channel for the game has released a short video showcasing the Pokemon and other playable characters. Video is posted below.

In other news, Ken Sugimori’s new art book titled “The Works of Ken Sugimori: A 25 Year Portfolio from Quinty to Jerry Boy and Pokemon.” Will be released on May 27th, The book contains Sugimori’s artwork over his career and a lengthy interview. The book will be on sale for 1,998 yen.





TPCi Accepting Commentary Auditions for Championship Events

The Pokemon Company International has announced that they are now accepting commentary auditions for the Pokemon US National Championships (July 4-6 at Indianapolis, Indiana)  and Pokemon World Championships (August 15-17 at Washington, D.C.). TPCi has included the exact details in their news story (which is located below). Auditions are only being accepted for those who are at least 18 years of age.


We’re looking for bright and talented Pokémon fans to provide live commentary at the 2014 Pokémon US National Championships and Pokémon World Championships! If you have the Pokémon knowledge, eloquence, and composure to be an on-screen commentator at these events, we want to see it! This is your exciting chance to broadcast live and via live stream to thousands of Pokémon fans around the world!

Auditions are open to US residents who are at least 18 years old. Also, you must be able to attend both the US National Championships, July 4–6 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the World Championships, August 15–17 in Washington, DC. If you are selected, The Pokémon Company International will cover your travel and hotel costs.

To submit an audition, create a video that shows you providing gameplay commentary for a Pokémon X or Pokémon Y video game match or a Pokémon TCG match. You may commentate solo or with a partner. Post the video to YouTube with the title “Play! Pokémon Commentary Audition: [YOUR NAME]”. Be sure to make your video public so we can watch it!

Once you’ve posted the video, send an email to with the following information:

Subject: Commentary Audition for [YOUR NAME]

TCG or Video Game:
Audition YouTube link:
Pokémon event experience:
Additional comments:

Please post your video and send your email to us no later than April 21, 2014. Note that this is an audition, not a contest. Submissions will be evaluated on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) appearance, announcing eloquence, composure, brand knowledge, and play knowledge. We are eager to see and hear your audition video, but we do not guarantee that we will choose someone from the applications we receive.

Good luck to all applicants! We look forward to seeing and hearing your audition video to be a commentator at the 2014 Pokémon US National Championships and Pokémon World Championships!

Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge

Yesterday, Google Maps had revealed the opportunity for users who have Android and iOS devices to update their Google Maps app for the ability to locate and capture Pokemon around the world.

Even though half of this was an early April Fools joke (the ability to work at Google), we can’t deny the fact that this was quite surprising and awesome. Sadly, unlike what the video shows, you cannot encounter the CGI versions of Pokemon when you point your camera to certain areas. Instead, you just explore around the map and touch Pokemon that you encounter, and capture them to add to your Pokedex.

To start the “game” you must tap the “Search” bar and click the “Start” button (with a PokeBall next to it) that appears below the text box to start your adventure. This is only available for certain Android and iOS versions.

Below you can watch the video that features amazing features, which sadly is not entirely real, but we can always hope for something like this in the future. 😛