Pokemon Smash Twitter Live Feed

Update: Nothing important was revealed in this week’s Pokemon Smash.

Pokemon Smash has begun to air, and it seems like the Twitter Feed to the right is not being able to update itself. Well, from my end it isn’t at least. I am currently live tweeting the show from my twitter page. So be sure to check out @poketoon for any information regarding Pokemon Smash




Pokemon Smash Airing Tonight

Pokemon Smash will be airing later today and a live tweeting session may take place depending on how busy I am this evening. If I do get time to do the live session, then please be sure to keep an eye on the “Twitter Feed” to the right side or you can follow @poketoon on Twitter and be updated with anything related to Pokemon.

There could possibly be more information regarding the movie and the X & Y games and I’ll be sure to post the news as soon as possible.

Lack of Updates & Pokemon Smash News

As it has almost been a month since the last update, it is time that I actually talk to you about this.

Maintaining a site and constantly tracking Pokemon news can be very time consuming, and with my current schedule, it is very difficult to accomplish this task. Work likes to get  piled up on me and it is a constant stress finding time. GiratinaPokemon (my old blog) used to be updated almost everyday, mainly because I used to get time, and if I didn’t, I would make sure to make some, which would take time out of my other important tasks. Even though it used to be updated almost everyday, there were times when it would be sitting there for a few weeks to a few months without any updates, again, that was due to the reason of not finding time/taking a break from things. I was hoping that with this website, that would change, and I would constantly update it whenever Pokemon news would pop-up, but later found out that this would be a very difficult task to complete.

Not only this, but Pokemon news has been somewhat slow. So finding something to give an update on, when the major factor is not present, is not the best route to take. With this all said, I hope to continue working with this site and provide news content to all PokeFans out there.

Now, Pokemon Smash will be premiering tonight and we don’t actually know whether there will be any updates regarding the games/movie. If there are, I’ll be sure to post it here ASAP.