Pokemon Smash Twitter Live Feed

Twitter live feed is now available on the right-hand side of the website. Either use that or follow @poketoon on Twitter for instant updates.


Eeveelution Name Reveal, Pokemon TV App & Pokemon Scramble U

The newest Eeveelution name has been revealed. Ninfia will be known as Sylveon (English) Nymphali (French) & Feelinara (German). Sylveon’s typing is currently unknown and no other information is known at this time as well, besides it’s name.

The Official Pokemon Company had announced a few days ago of a Pokemon TV App finally being available. This app is now available in the App Store and the Google Play Store for FREE. I downloaded the app a few days ago and am decently happy with the quality. The quality may vary depending on what you are using (I was using my Android phone). The app is around 3-4 MBs, which is surprisingly low compared to other video apps. The current seasons available are 2 through 14. No word has been provided by the company whether they will be providing the first season or possibly adding the current season anytime soon.

Yesterday, the Pokemon 15th movie special: Meloetta’s Serenade was added to the app. Not only that, but the ENTIRE 15th movie (Kyurem & The Swords of Justice) was also added.

A few days ago, Pokemon Scramble U was announced for the Wii U (Pokemon Rumble U (localized version title)). It will be available for download only for the Wii U and Generations I-V will be available. It is currently unknown whether the VI generations will be added later, down the road.

Pokemon Smash will be airing tonight, so I may plan on watching it. There may be a live Tweeting session on @Poketoon. There is a possibility that they will just reveal the same information that we already know, but can’t be for sure until we actually watch it.

Update: CoroCoro Beginning to Leak….

Just a quick update. CoroCoro scans are beginning to leak. We could expect them to be revealed possibly in a few hours. I’ll try to post the scans as soon as possible and any information that may be revealed.

Update #2:  There has been information going around that the Pokemon could in fact be named Ninfia. This most likely means that the Pokemon is an Eeveelution.

Update: First scan of CoroCoro….


CoroCoro Information Any Day Now…

CoroCoro news can come any day now. There have been a few fake scans going around, which I am not going to post, because, well, they’re fake. =P

I am more inclined to posting real information that comes out from the actual/trusted sources. Also, Pokemon Smash will be revealing some new information regarding the anime, movie 16, and Pokemon X & Y. We should most likely be seeing information rising pretty soon now, so Pokemon Smash will probably just repeat the same information we already know.

Be sure to keep checking back for any updates!

Meloetta & Shiny Magikarp Event Distribution

There have been many distributions going around recently, haven’t there?

GameStop has been advertising a Meloetta event that will take place on March 4th and will run until March 24th. We are currently unaware of the level at which Meloetta will be distributed and the attacks it knows. Once we get more information on that, I will be sure to post it.

Another event has also been announced recently. This event pertains to a Shiny Magikarp that will be distributed to those living in Nagoya, Japan. You’ll be able to find the Shiny Magikarp at the Pokemon Centers around Nagoya and will be at level 99. This Magikarp also knows the moves Bounce, Flail, Splash, and Hydro Pump. This event will run from March 20th to May 6th.