Keldeo Event & 3DS Charizard LL

A Wi-Fi Keldeo event for non-Japanese Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 games is now available. You will be able to retrieve a level 50 Keldeo with the moves: Sacred Sword, Hydro Pump, Swords Dance, and Aqua Jet. This event will last until February 12th. So make sure you retrieve it as soon as possible if you are interested in this Keldeo.

As mentioned before, a 3DS game console with a design of a charizard was being sold previously to those living in Japan if you won the lottery at the Pokemon Centers. However, now the Pokemon Daisuki Club members are getting an opportunity to grab a Charizard 3DS LL. The console will be available starting February 9th to the members to buy.

That pretty much sums up the current news…. As I mentioned a few months ago, I have been working on a project that will be beneficial to this site and also the readers. This project is pretty big and will take a considerable amount on time to work on. I have planned out how it is going to be set up and it should be available soon. The project will be posted in the “Under Construction” page.

Not only am I working on the new site project, but I am also planning out a few new pages that I plan to add in the near future to help keep track of other Pokemon-related content. So be sure to keep checking back for that as well.



Pokemon X & Y Official Artwork

A few days ago, the official Pokemon website revealed the official artworks of the three starters and the two legendaries, and I’ve got to say that they are truly impressive. Which starter are you planning on choosing and which game are you planning to buy? Let us know in the comments section below.

Click the images to enlarge:





Pokemon X and Y Screenshots

Pokemon X and Y were announced earlier this week and it is quite obvious that the game will be taking place in a region that is similar to France.

I captured a few screenshots for you guys to check out. These will be uploaded to the ‘Pokemon X and Pokemon Y’ page shortly. If you have any types of speculation regarding the games, then feel free to add a comment in the ‘Comments’ section below. Some of your ideas may be posted in the next blog post.

Screenshots (Click to Enlarge):













CoroCoro Leaking Reveals Movie and Stat Info.

The February version of CoroCoro has started leaking, revealing both information pertaining to the Extremespeed Genesect movie and the physical stats of Xerneas and Yveltal.

It seems like the 16th movie might indeed be a continuation of certain “Episode N” episodes. We don’t exactly know how everything will be played out yet, but paying close attention to the “Episode N” episodes could potentially give us very useful information. Another thing that was revealed was that there will be four Genesects making an appearance in the movie. The red Genesect (shiny version) will be the leader of the other four, so it could possibly mean that the individual Genesects will be equipped with different Drives to help us distinguish them from one another, unless they all appear throughout different scenes of the movie.

The other half of the information shows that Xerneas will be 215 kg and 3.0 m tall and Yveltal will be 203 kg and 5.8 m tall.

X & Y Legendaries Name Reveal

Quite surprised that the names of the two legendary Pokemon were revealed the next day after the announcement of the 6th generation games.

The “Y” legendary’s name is Yveltal and the “X” legendary’s name is Xerneas. Sound pretty cool, huh?

Again, the “Y” legendary is the red Pokemon with blue eyes and forms a “Y” shape when flying. The  X” legendary resembles an Elk with antlers forming chromosome shapes. A DNA shape was also shown on the Japanese game logos, which could potentially mean that DNA could be playing a major role in the 6th generation.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Been busy, so couldn’t update it when the news first appeared.



This morning, the Pokemon Direct conference announced two new games that will be released WORLDWIDE in October 2013: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. These games will be the first games for the 6th generation and the trailer already shows a few new places where the trainer will be able to travel to.

One of these places seems to be a place similar to Paris (check out the trailer below). The other area seems to be a desert with some sort of dome-style building. Not much is known about the towns/routes yet, but hopefully in a few weeks/months Japan will begin to release tidbits of information pertaining to these areas and hopefully who the evil organization will be and what their main goals are.

Not only that, but the trailer also revealed 5 NEW POKEMON! Three of them being the new starters and the other two being the mascots of the games and also the official legendary Pokemon of the 6th generation. Check the information about the starters below….






If you may not already know, Chespin is the grass-starter, Fennekin is the fire-starter, and Froakie is the water-starter. No other information is known about these starters.

Below are pictures of the two legendary Pokemon (mascots of the games). The red one will resembles more of a “Y” which means it will most likely be the mascot of Pokemon Y. The second legendary has a “X” in both eyes; therefore, being the mascot of Pokemon X. If you look at it’s antlers, you will more of a “Y” than more features relating to an “X.” We don’t know why the design was made the way it is or if there is a hidden meaning incorporated. We”ll just have to wait and see.





I have made a new page on the website of the new games and will be adding more information and screenshots soon! So be sure to keep checking back.


Pokemon Direct Announcement Tomorrow!

The Pokemon Japanese website has just confirmed that a Pokemon Direct conference will be held tomorrow on Ustream. The conference is estimated to last for around 10 minutes, so probably minor details will be given away about the actual item. If you are interested in this (which I am guessing most of you guys are), then be sure stay tuned to

The time the conference will take place is 11 AM GMT (6 AM EST/3 AM PDT). The announcement of the conference came out of nowhere, so this could possibly mean that the announcement could turn out to be something very big (Generation 6 :P). Let us know what you believe this announcement will be about tomorrow in the ‘Comments’ section below.

Be sure to keep checking back for any updates!