Pokemon Movie: Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice Trailer

The Pokemon website has revealed a second trailer relating to the 15th Pokemon movie. On Facebook, they had asked for 49,000 likes by a certain day, and if it was done, they would post the movie trailer for the viewers to see. Gladly, The International Pokemon Company got over 49,000 likes and posted the trailer on their website and also Youtube.

The trailer is quite exciting and shows Keldeo trying hard to improve his ability in fighting. I won’t reveal anymore information about the trailer, so be sure to check out video below!


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Magnagate & The Infinity Labyrinth

Hope you all had a great Halloween. If you hadn’t noticed, I got somewhat into the spirit of Halloween by trying to tweet from the Tower of Terror located in Saffron City. I was originally planning on doing something over the website or forums, but decided to take the easy route and do something relating to Twitter.

The official Youtube Account of Pokemon in Japan has revealed “short movies” about the new Pokemon games:  Mystery Dungeon Magnagate & The Infinity Labyrinth. I checked out these videos, and I’ve got to say that they are truly colorful! Not only that, but the animations were amazing. The first video shows Oshawott meeting up with a female Pikachu and later meeting up with other Pokemon. The second video gets more into the adventure part with both Oshawott and Pikachu traveling to an ice area with Virizion, Umbreon, Espeon, and a few other Pokemon. Oshawott eventually meets up with Kyurem, but I won’t be giving too much away! So be sure to check out the two videos below!