Website, Projects, & Halloween!

Halloween is starting to roll around the corner, so I have been thinking of a few ways we could integrate a few things on to this website or forums to get into the spirit (get it? lol). I’ll try to come up with a few things as the day gets closer.

Besides Halloween, I want to talk about the future projects for this site and the forums. As you may or may not know, the forums have been upgraded with new categories and forums. I hope that once people start noticing those forums and sign-up, I’ll be able to roll out new ideas and set up more things around there. That can’t really happen unless we get some new people registered. So be sure to head to the forums and register. It doesn’t take that long, trust me!

As some of you may also not know that I used to be an avid blogger on another blog called giratinapokemon. That blog was established a few years ago and went by strongly. I got around 3000+ viewers, but I got pretty tired of the features and the name of the blog and decided to roll by here and take a look and hopefully establish a new home for that blog. I wanted to come up with a better name than the last blog, so I decided to come up with Pokestream. So far, I am happy with all the features and have been able to finally get used to things around here. was not only my first blog, but it was a place where I used to spend great amount of time posting Pokemon news and working on projects. Working on various projects and organizing them around the blog took time, but it ended up working out. So for this blog, I am planning on introducing new site projects! These site projects will be much larger and tuning will have to be done constantly. Departments were also used to organize the various new stories better, so I will be contemplating whether or not I’ll continue to use that. You may have noticed the new “Under Construction” page first talked about a few posts ago. This page will be for the new project. What is the new project? Well, I can’t reveal any information at the moment, but I hope to work on it during my free time.

More pages will be created and published after I get some progress throughout other parts of the website. These new pages will deal with the video games, TCG, and anime of Pokemon. I’ll try to organize all the pages once they are established.

Besides that, I hope to continue working on posting Pokemon news whenever it pops up and updating this site to make it beneficial to others.


Charizard Nintendo 3DS XL

Finally some Pokemon News!

A Charizard Nintendo 3DS XL has been revealed and will be available in Pokemon Centers only in Japan. This 3DS XL includes a massive silhouette of a raging Charizard on the back of the top screen, and at the bottom, we see a picture of a flamethrower.

Which means that by bending the entire 3DS XL flat on it face, you’ll be able to see Charizard using flamethrower! Pretty smart and creative, don’t you think? 😉

The inside of the XL is black and doesn’t have much of anything dealing with this awesome Pokemon. Another sad thing is that this 3DS will not be lasting long on shelves. The only time this unit will be available is between December 15th and January 14th. Not only that, but only those who win the raffle will be able to get this limited edition 3DS.


Slow News & Website/Forums Update

Pokemon News has been quite slow (again). I am hopeful some news will be starting to pop up soon! If there is a certain feature you would like to see on this website, then feel free to add a comment on the main news post, so it’ll be easier for me to check it.

Another update that I have worked on is on the forums. As you may have seen, the forums have been updated with new categories and forums. There may be a few things spelled incorrectly or a couple of grammar mistakes in the descriptions, but I’ll be working on getting those fixed. Remember, we are still looking for Moderators and Super Moderators. If you feel that you will be able to help out the forums, then feel free to fill in the application and submit it. For more information, please visit the thread on the forums….

I will be working towards updating the site with more pages that relate to the Pokemon video games, Anime, and TCG.

I would also like to give a shoutout to BBTHQ for creating an awesome banner for this website. I will most likely add it as a forums banner! Be sure to check out the BBTHQ blog for information relating to Pokemon.

Forums, Twitter, and Site Update

I’ve been doing some updating around the website today. As you can see  the color schemes on the bars have changed from green to blue and a twitter icon is available on the header.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter!

Also, the “Under Construction” page has been updated as a “Forums” page. Click the link that is located on that page to visit our forums…. We are currently looking for Moderators and Super Moderators to help around the forums. The forums are still under construction so things might look a bit boring or small in content. I’ll be working on getting more categories and forums updated. So be sure to sign up and start posting!

Post will also be getting much cleaner when Pokemon news starts coming in. Also, site projects will be worked on to improve the overall quality of the site.